The beginning: Me as "Edith Ann" -

Won my Middle School Talent Show!

Austin Open Mic while in college - the first of many hell gigs to come!

Keynote - Baxter Industries Annual Gala - My hair arrived 10 minutes before I did!

Warm-up: Entertaining the audience at a taping of the TV show "I've Got A Secret".

FINALLY! My very own dressing room! 

Speaking at North Texas Women's Foundation event starring Fergie, The Duchess of Windsor.

Sweatin' with Richard Simmons!

Me & Morgan Fairchild! One of us has had "work"!

With the great Teri Garr! 

With Fergie: Mother, me and my hair with the "The Duchess", Fergie!

My cheat sheet I used when I introduced the cast when I worked on "Designing Women". Sadly, I had to phonetically write out Meshach's name, even though it's ONLY in the Bible! 

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