Get Your Office Groove On!

Gone are the days of stiff, ugly dresses with tan pantyhose and polyester that stuck to your body. Thank goodness! (Not that I would know anything about that!)

So, with the advent of a more casual working environment, comes the ability to MAYBE insert your personal style without giving HR an aneurysm. So, as important as infusing your personal style at work is, it's also important to not go over the line. This is where it gets fun!

Things to execute when you're pulling off "office awesome":

1. Please bathe.

2. Maybe brush your teeth?

3. Either wash your underwear after wearing them for ONLY one day or throw them away and buy new ones.

4. Hey, dude...please shave. Every actor/singer in Hollywood called and they want their stubble back!

5. Tatoos? Unless you plan to hang them up in the Louvre, It would be cool if you could cover them up. If not, at the very least, make sure that your slutty tramp stamp isn't showing when you bend over and show your thong to the unsuspecting IT boy who came into the kitchen for oatmeal.

6. Oh, did I say "show your thong"? No, sweetie...never. Unless you don't mind being ridiculed as a wanna-be heiffer who holds Monica Lewinsky in esteem. But, don't expect me to not projectile vomit.

There. Doesn't that feel better? Consider this a public service announcement.

Now, go out there and get 'em!

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