Email can be deadly...for your career!

I'm about to give you 3 words that will change your life and, quite possibly, save your job:


Before hitting the "send" button, you hold your professional life in your hands. And, although they now have that swell little "recall" feature in Outlook, sometimes you can't recall the email if too much time has elapsed. And, just like nobody knows when Jesus is coming back, nobody knows what that magical window of time is.

I also have had several "reply all" moments that were embarrassing at the least and downright relationship-ending at the worst. I hit "reply all" one time by mistake and the President's assistant emailed me separately to rake me over the coals and inform me not to do that ever again, Probably, because the inboxes of the President and his assistant are lined with gold and can't be tainted by emails from the plebes!

Meanwhile, the CEO hit "reply all" in response to getting his car washed. Did the rest of the company really care about his getting his $250,000 car washed? No. We were offended. Not so much because of the email faux pas but, mostly because he was an inconsiderate, condescending, womanizing (yet married), phony guy whom nobody respected, unless you really, really needed to get your film produced!

Hitting the reply button when you think you're forwarding an email is also a barrel of laughs!

This happened to me one time when I got a lame invite to some event that was being put on by someone with whom I had huge not-so-great history. I "thought" I was forwarding the invite to a friend because I slammed the event from A to Z and berated the person who was chairing the event. Then? I hit "reply". Like, instead of "forward". Wow. So, that was one of those horrible moments when you try to actually shake the monitor in hopes that the email will magically come back to you. I screamed "NOOOOOO!" in slow motion and could feel the flop sweat roll down my back. So gross. Death to a relationship. Thank you!


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