Co-Worker Socializing?

When it comes to playing around with your coworkers, there's socializing and then there's Socializing!

The former (with the little "s") is just hanging with the group at a volunteer function during the weekday (i.e. Habitat For Humanity, cleaning up a stretch of real estate, cheering up the elderly at a nursing home, etc.) or going for a quick drink at the end of the day while you wait for traffic to die down.

The latter (with the big "S") usually happens when the pressure comes from the overachieving activity planner in the office. This person is almost always a woman who really just doesn't want to go home for some reason. And, her event planning is always a predictable process:

1. She'll send out the initial email with the calendar invite attached. You always "accept" the invite, which goes into your Outlook or Google calendar, because you don't want to instantly appear on her radar as not accepting! You basically don't want the nagging.

2. She then sends a reminder email just making sure you haven't forgotten the initial email that she just sent yesterday afternoon.

3. Just in case you're a moron, she then appears to you in front of your desk with a stupid smile going, "Don't forget about tomorrow!"

4. By now, there's no way you could forget about this stupid happy hour she's planned for the group. However, at this point, you'd rather have drinks with ISIS than spend one minute with her

and her pushy attitude.

5. You make the tragic career-changing decision to not go.

6. Just know. You'll never hear the end of it and you'd better make the right decision next time and show up at her meticulously planned pot luck lunch where you're forced to stay in the office for lunch and eat crap food that everyone in the office has brought to share. You, of course, got awesome chicken bites from Chik-fil-a that everyone scarfs up within the first 30 seconds of the lunch because whatever is in the crockpots smells like a litter box.

7. You need to start looking for another job.

It's up to you to decide if you'll "play ball" with Intense Girl and attend her functions. Just know she's got the ear of the President and can pass stories around of your lack of team playing. You're an adult. She's not. But, it doesn't matter. She runs the joint. Enjoy!


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