AUTHENTIC CONNECTION - The Secret to Effective Communication

It's undeniable that we are suffering from a severe lack of hearing each other and listening to each other. In other words: COMMUNICATING! In this talk, the audience will be given tips and secrets that I learned in my career as a professional live TV audience warm-up comic and TV producer in Hollywood. These lessons will help emerging leaders and business professionals become more effective and powerful communicators and will show how to design their desired outcome so they'll be more trusted, impactful and memorable.

Key takeaways:​

  • Connect Emotionally with Anyone in Seconds (and hold them!)

  • Mindset Reconstruction

  • Discovering Your Own "IT FACTOR"

  • Steely Confidence Made Easy

  • Putting it Together Persuasively - Performance and Delivery

  • Plus, techniques you can use immediately


It's been proven time and time again that if you really want something, keep at it and eventually, you will get it. Persistence is becoming a lost art as many people lose their drive to really break through and reach their personal goals, career goals, or even their lifelong dreams. In this talk, I share my humorously entertaining stories of the up and down rollercoaster that was my journey in pursuing my dreams of becoming a successful comedienne, and share techniques and tips that can be used by anyone to help keep their eye on the ball, and for God's sake, don't give up!

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