Half-Day Workshop

Entry-level event designed for group training (Included Modules: Mindset Reconstruction, Steely Confidence Made Easy, Connecting with Any Audience in Seconds, and Putting It Together Persuasively - Performance and Delivery)

6-week Coaching Program

Stage Sage Signature program designed to give a deeper dive on proven performing techniques described in the Half-Day Workshop; includes weekly coaching call with Julia

VIP One-Day Coaching

Super Intensive one day mentoring, perfect for the person with time constraints

VIP One-on-One Master Performance Intensive

Using video as a tool, Julia will produce your performance guiding the step-by-step process with the same professional methods she used when producing talk shows and reality shows in Hollywood.

Camera-Ready Producing

Using video, Julia will produce your performance to get you ready for that on-camera gig/performance where you need to shine. (Keep in mind, your TV performance can and will reflect directly on your business, so let’s get down to work and make sure you KILL it!)

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